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Robotic surgeon

Open surgery traditionally involves using large incisions and is also difficult in areas where access to hands is difficult like the pelvis where the prostate, urinary bladder are situated. Minimally invasive approach like laparoscopy was evolved where small incisions are made on the surface of the body and laparoscopic instruments are introduced to access the body parts including the deeper parts like pelvis. Minimally invasive approach has the benefit of small incisions, less pain, faster recovery, decreased blood loss, decreased length of stay, less chances of infection and getting back to normal life is quicker.


Robotic surgery or robot-assisted surgery is further advancement in minimally invasive surgery, where robotic instruments which are attached to robotic arms enter the human body through small keyholes to perform the surgery. These arms are controlled by a surgeon sitting at a distance on a console. Robotic surgery has the traditional advantages of laparoscopic surgery, additionally it provides 3D vision, better ergonomics, surgeon controlled camera, endowrist movement, ability to scale the motion, elimination of fulcrum effect which all lead to greater precision and dexterity of the surgery. 


Robotic surgery is a game-changer in the surgical approach to urological cancers which provides the advantage of a minimally invasive approach and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional laparoscopy. This cutting edge surgical technology is offered by experienced robotic surgeons to the patients for better outcomes.

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